Goals for Painless Deep Tissue Massage

Walt Morrey, NCBTMTB #331446-00
25 Avenue de la Plage
29950 Bénodet

Goals of first massage session:
1) Start to calm concerns about the massage process
2) Start to help the body clear out old toxins from the muscles
3) Start to teach the body to relax
4) Start to teach the body to re-connect
5) Start to release tense muscles
6) Start to build trust in my massage style
7) Perhaps - start to touch more-readily-available trigger points

Long-term goals:
1) Release any trigger points
2) Improve muscle function and range-of-motion
3) Improve harmony between body (muscles) and mind
4) Start to touch into muscle memories to track down source of pain or fears
5) Discuss lifestyle changes to support a healthy life.

The client can benefit even from being fully dressed during the first several massages.

Initial massages may be separated by a week or even more, according to the comfort level of the client. The most effective frequency of massages for the reduction of muscular damage and pain is about 2 times per week. When the massages are received too infrequently, it is as though the work starts from the beginning. With 2 massages per week, the improvement keeps building.

The goal is complete relief from pain under normal conditions for extended amounts of time without drugs or further treatment. Frequently, this requires making some lifestyle and thought-pattern changes.

Maintenance massages are sometimes necessary, if the damage has been long-term.