As many French people, back pain has driven me to visit many kinesitherapists and chiropractors, even to take pain killers and muscle relaxants. Until I met Walt Morrey who, through a simple and rational approach, convinced me to let him work on my body. With high respect and kindness, Walt works on the muscles, massaging them, unknotting them, to release them. After an intensive cure during which he reaches the heart of muscles when others would just remain superficial, appointments get less frequent. If pain can sometimes come back, it is no way similar to what it was. And moreover, this peaceful moments allow anyone on the massage table to abandon himself thinking about nothing but well-being.
-- Sebastian P.

Prior to meeting Walt, I struggled to find a massage that managed some of the deep seated pain I was experiencing. They often failed to tackle my pain at any great depth and seemed more like opportune sleeping sessions, rather than deep tissue work. During my sessions with Walt, I have the pleasure of a relaxing experience whilst also being in full confidence that he is directly targeting my pain. He engages with me over how things feel and works to target the precise location. He slowly encourages the muscles to relax, rather than forcing his way through, so the experience is pain free and much, much more effective than anything else I've experienced. In addition to listening well to my body, he offers a safe and comfortable environment in which I feel fully relaxed. Through the sessions, I have also come to an increased awareness of my own body. Walt has taught me how my pain is connected to other parts of my body and what daily habits I perform that might be contributing to it. His sessions are a truly wonderful experience and the value gained is far in excess of what he charges.
-- Esther C.

I was paralyzed, in a wheelchair, and being treated for chronic pain with medication until I started seeing Walt. Now, my pain is under control, I am walking, and I no longer have to rely on drugs for relief.
-- Sheila E.

I have worked with many different massage therapists to relieve my chronic pain from an old injury. No one has helped me to the extent that Walt Morrey has. Not only am I no longer in pain from day to day, but because of his work, I have regained function that I thought was gone forever.
His method of painless deep tissue massage has achieved better results than any of the other therapists' methods. Better results mean more of my life pain-free!
-- Steve F.

I used to truly dread my trips to the massage therapist because I knew I would be in pain on the table and I would have pain and even swelling for three days afterward. Walt Morrey'’s painless deep tissue massage has changed all that. He has relieved my chronic pain without hurting me! When I pull a muscle or have a sprain or injury, I know I can trust him to treat me without adding to my discomfort.
-- Liz F.