Participation in a study on Fibromyalgia
and/or Chronic Pain Syndrome
and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using
Painless Deep Tissue Massage

Patients eligible for the study:
Any patient, male or female, with fibromyalgia and/or chronic pain syndrome and/or chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosed by a physician without other diagnoses. People who wish to participate in the study may be accompanied by a friend.

Patients not eligible for the study:
- Pregnant women in their first trimester
- Anyone with a contra-indications, (fever, alteration of normal condition, inflammatory conditions …)

Patients chosen will continue to follow their normal treatment plan.

Conduct of the study :
- Fees are between 60 € and 40 €, according to your means.
- Clients will have between 6 - 60 sessions, one or two times per week. Sessions are 60 minutes each at our office at :
25 Avenue de la Plage
29950 Bénodet

Clients should expect two hours for each session while participating in this study.

Participants will fill out a series of questionnaires online before starting and to follow their progress every 4 sessions.

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A little about me

During my first year as a massage therapist, I developed a style to release "Trigger Points", with a deep massage which does not increase existing pain levels. The results have been spectacular, especially for clients with chronic pain.

Pain is how our bodies tell us that we are injuring or have injured ourselves. To ignore or suppress this pain (usually with medications) can only result in more pain.

When I massage to reduce pain, my client must work with me to determine the appropriate level of speed and pressure. Adding pain is extremely counter-productive; it trains the client's muscles to expect pain and they automatically tense up. If this occurs, it is not possible to relieve deep damaged areas without adding more damage.

Chronic Pain

For people with chronic pain, a series of massages is generally necessary. The most effective is between 3 and 20 massages with a massage every 2-7 days. When you no longer have pain from one massage to the next, it is time to reduce the frequency of your sessions.

You will know after the first session if these massages will be helpful, even though the greatest benefit occurs after a series of massages.

If you have had pain for a long time without adequate treatment, you may require maintenance massages.

Trigger Points

Trigger Points are small injuries, generally located in the body of a muscle. They can often cause pain far from their location. They are often ignored as the source of most of people's pain.

Trigger Points have been demonstrated to contribute to diagnoses of:
fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive motion injuries, workplace accidents, sports injuries, whiplash, back pain, muscle stiffness, weakness, edema, nausea, postural distortions, headaches, migraines, sinus pain, joint pain, and menstrual pain.

My Goal

My goal is to reduce pain to 0/10 for each client in order that they can do whatever they could before their injuries without pain, and even in a quiet time, be aware that they have no pain at all.